In 2015 we decided to follow the sage advice of Henry David Thoreau to “go confidently in the direction of our dreams and live the life we [had] imagined …” toward that end we sold our homes and business in Bend, Oregon and moved our entire lives, (including one grumpy, highly neurotic Shihtzu named Baxter) to Georgetown, Texas.

A move of this magnitude was no small feat for us, but at nearly 55 years old we were wholly committed to being pulled by our vision to living the life we had so purposefully contemplated and imagined.  Along the way, a dream was born to use our God given, creative talents to help others discover and live THEIR OWN lives imagined.

We have decades of public speaking and leadership experience and have come alongside literally hundreds of people throughout the years, assisting them in ‘unlocking their personal potential by deeply and intimately discovering the knowledge of their worth.’  This fundamental belief in the value and worth of others is present in all that we do, in our writing, our speaking and our coaching.

Through our blogs you will catch a glimpse of our passion for life, God and people (His greatest work), as well as our unique senses of humor (especially Kevin’s) and our great, great love for one another and the sanctity of home, marriage and family.

There is a dream deep within all of us… through our writing, speaking and coaching we aspire to help our friends and clients connect (or reconnect) to that dream and live their “lives imagined” to the fullest!