Our Story – The Winter of 82

It was the winter of 1982. 

Merle Haggard’s ‘Misery & Gin’ was blaring from the cassette deck of a lowered, white Chevy Luv pickup truck and excitement was in the air!

Twenty-year-old Kevin Restine and Tona McCarty had just gone on their first date to Shakey’s Pizza in Bakersfield, California and unbeknownst to them, just a few months later were about to embark on the sweetest adventure either of them had ever known.  An adventure that would span multiple decades, include the joy of raising two incredible children, the loss of a parent, a move to three different states, the ownership of 4 businesses, precious years of ministry in several churches, and a love affair so rooted in the tender promises of God that it would prove unshakable.  Yes, unshakable even in the face of the storms of life and winds of change that tried to tear it apart.  Even in the face of illness.  Even in the face of loss.  The faithfulness of God and the determination, tenacity and stubbornness of those two twenty-year-old kids became a force to be reckoned with!

Mercifully, the faithfulness of God remained unchanged; while the determination, tenacity and stubbornness of Kevin and Tona mellowed quite nicely into middle-age…

“We invite you to join us on this journey of life!  To quote Mary Morrissey, ‘we are living life by design, not default.  We are being pulled by our vision, not pushed by our pain’ and YOU CAN TOO!  The life you want is yours, if you will only imagine it!  Are there bumps along the way? Yes.  Can you get around, through or over those bumps? Yes!  Dedicating yourself to discovering your worth and unlocking its potential isn’t always easy; and requires relentless discipline and focus, but it is so well worth the investment because in so doing you will take the first steps to living YOUR Life Imagined, and it is a journey you simply don’t want to miss!”

Kevin and Tona

September 11, 1982 Bakersfield, California