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The Mental Side of Releasing Stress…The Mind You Want is ALL in Your Thinking

STRESS Release Workbook Cover2015By Wendy Duncan

You’re doing the work, right?  You exercise…eat right…meditate…journal…and you’re still stressed out!  You’ve tried therapy, natural remedies, maybe even anti-anxiety meds.  And, still that high blood pressure persists, or sleeplessness persists, or relationship conflicts persist.  WHAT’S WRONG???  In this 6 week coaching program, Wendy Duncan shares powerful knowledge about our mind, our conditioning, and our ego.  Knowledge is power.  Learn how to overcome your stress and how to not give your power away to other people, conditions and circumstances that cause you to be stressed out.  Program includes 6 private coaching sessions with Tona Restine, 6 audios, 44 page workbook and bonus handouts.

The Mental Side of Releasing Weight…The BODY You Want is ALL in Your Thinking 


In this 6-week program, The Mental Side of Releasing Weight – The Body You Want is ALL in Your Thinking, you can learn how to release and control your weight through the power of your mind.  Prepare yourself for amazing self-discoveries over why you keep sabotaging your own weight loss.

Wendy Duncan promises you can have your chocolate or cake and eat it, too!  You can enjoy moving your body.  You can be proud of yourself and live a very healthy, happy and vibrant life.


This program contains:

  • 6 private Coaching Sessions with Tona Restine
  • 5 instructional audios
  • Meditation audio
  • 32-page workbook PDF



A Six-week Course

For the Intentional Business Professional

Tona created this 6-week Coaching Course with the Intentional Business Professional in mind.  Course material includes the following:

  • 6 private coaching sessions with Tona Restine
  • Creation of a robust (measured and tracked) daily routine
  • Clear understanding of the difference between Conscious and Subconscious thought
  • Define Goals…Business/Personal
  • Purposeful work on Intention VS Attention and developing a clear understanding of the EGO
  • Vision Work
  • Define your personal/business purpose and understand how to use it as a filter for all you do


In addition to the above Coaching programs, Tona offers what she calls “Pop Up Coaching.”  This type of coaching essentially provides an “as needed,” confidential, sounding board platform.  These private sessions are for those who find themselves in need of an informed, yet unbiased “listener” to assist them in engaging their own decision making process or work through dream building ideas.  The concept of this program is founded on the idea that, “we already posses the answers we seek…they are often just buried deep within.  This unique coaching style simply helps to untangle those answers and move them into conscious clarity.”  This engaged listening technique is especially helpful to those who find themselves in the midst of transition in life or in business, and are in need of complete confidentiality while verbally weighing the pros and cons of a particular decision, situation or idea.