One Step in the Right Direction…

The dream of my company; Life Imagined was birthed through the coaching process.  As many of you know, my husband and I were in the process of selling our Real Estate company in Bend, Oregon and relocating to Central Texas.  We were literally re-imagining what our lives could look like in the coming months, weeks and years.

To say that I was lost would have been a gross understatement.  I simply could not imagine myself in any other vocational role than the one I’d been playing for the past 2 decades.  The real estate industry had been good to me, and I would like to believe that I too had left a very positive fingerprint of my own upon it’s landscape.  That said; I didn’t see myself starting over in Texas as a Realtor or even opening my own firm again…you see; what I loved most about the Real Estate Industry was motivating, encouraging and coming alongside the agents who served it.  So; with the help of own my amazing coach; Wendy Duncan, I began to study, read, pray and dream about a career spent simply serving the needs of Realtors and others who were seeking change in their lives.  As my dreams along these lines took flight I realized that the notion of speaking into the lives of others about their businesses, their daily practices, their stress and self esteem was incredibly exciting to me!  I was feeling an exhilaration about my future I hadn’t felt in quite some time, and it felt wonderful!

Coaching changed the trajectory of my life!  Now that is a bold statement, isn’t it?  I stand by it.  My life is forever changed because I stepped out of my comfort zone, did the hard work of self-reflection, defined my purpose, vision and goals and ultimately changed my life!  The power of our conscious mind is unparalleled! YOU too can live the life of your dreams!  YOU too can release the extra weight you have been carrying!  YOU too can release toxic stress from your life!  One step in the right direction can change everything.  YOU can take your business to new levels of success.  YOU can find that oft elusive “life/work balance”.  YOU have everything inside of you to live your own “Life Imagined!”

Won’t you please reach out to me today?  Through the wonders of technology I am able to coach anyone, anywhere there is an internet connection! I have designed a Complimentary Coaching Session with you in mind.  It is personal.  It is insightful, and I guarantee you will leave that one hour session with a concept so valuable you can begin that very day to embark on a journey of lasting change!

I cannot wait to hear from you!

Tona Restine