Seasons of Friendships – By Tona Restine







I love pondering the seasons.  I love that the seasons bring a gentle rhythm and cadence to our days.

Similarly, I am learning to value the seasonal changes in friendships…the way they serve us in their ebb and flow, the way we can be energized by some and quietly rest in the cozy comfort of others.

I find myself at both ends of that spectrum right now.  I have a few NEW friends in Georgetown that I am just getting to know!  We are learning about one another’s likes and dislikes, are enjoying hearing each other’s stories for the first time and are truly having a wonderful time just discovering our commonalities and our differences!  So much fun!

The other side of that coin are the precious, enduring friendships with girlfriends I’ve had for many, many years!  There is such comfort with those friends.  They know me, love me, accept me and always hope the best for me as I do for them!  They know ALL my faults and lovingly overlook them.  With these friends, there is no sense of urgency.  We can go months and even years without seeing one another, then pick right up where we left off as though no time had passed.  WHAT A GIFT!!!

We need BOTH types of these friendships… I treasure them both and am privileged to bookend this sweet season of life with girlfriends old and new!



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