The Woven Thread by Tona Restine

I love things that are serendipitous. I even love the word serendipity!

Yesterday I had the blessing of spending the WHOLE day with my son Ryan and his sweet little wife, Brittany. Now for those of you who know our family you understand that this is a rare treat…Ryan and Brittany have been on many great adventures. They have lived in Santa Cruz, Chicago and New Orleans just to name a few, and now they live just 45 minutes south of us in Austin, Texas!!!

Because of everyone’s busy work schedules we only see each other every few weeks, but when we are all together, Mama is happy! Yesterday was no exception. It was a wonderful day! As the afternoon wore on I had the chance to talk to Brittany and learned that she is wrestling with some big career decisions. In her quiet words, I heard uncertainty and fearfulness and that took me by surprise.

I began to pray that she would see herself as I see her and more importantly as God sees her. For goodness sake, at just 22 years old this beautiful young girl sold all her belongings, got on a bus and moved to Chicago! In my mind, she is so fiercely brave that she can do anything!

After they went home I just couldn’t stop thinking about Brittany, so I texted her Jeremiah 29:11 (one of my all-time favorite verses) to remind her that she can rest because there is a plan in place for her life.

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.

This morning the scripture source for my daily devotional was none other than Jeremiah 29:11!!! I love that, don’t you? I promptly took a picture of it and sent it to Brittany…then much to my delight mere hours later I was in the hobby store and found at least three adorable plaques decorated with that amazing verse!

And…just now while waiting in the car for Kevin to finish an appointment I pulled out my journal to write a quick blog post and guess which scripture adorns the front of the journal I’d tucked into my bag??? You guessed it! Jeremiah 29:11

To use one of my favorite words; this all just seems so serendipitous, doesn’t it? But really, it is more.

It is the sweet, gentle thread God chose to weave throughout my day to boost my faith and remind me about listening to Him and sharing the things He is talking to me about about…but even more precious than that, this gently woven thread gave me the opportunity to remind my beloved Brittany Marie Jones Restine, ‘daughter of my heart’ about the richness of God’s love for HER and the amazingly creative ways He has to show her that she can count on her Heavenly Father to bring GOOD things to into her life!

There is a plan in place or ALL of us, and I just KNOW it is a good one! I am dedicating the rest of my life to trusting in God’s plan. To believing in Him and celebrating all the ways He loves me and wants to bless my life. Won’t you join me in this endeavor?

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