New to the World of Blogging by Tona Restine

I am a Newbie. I am new to the world of blogging. Though I have always been a writer, (by always I mean since the day I received my first little pink diary with a shiny silver lock and key) most of my writing has been limited to personal journaling or the creation of real estate ad content.

So, while I am passionate about the endeavor we are undertaking I am also feeling a bit like the proverbial ‘duck out of water’ when it comes to blogging. That said, I am very excited about Life Imagined! I am excited about the company, the website, the newsletters and yes; even the blog posts, but MOST of all I am excited to share with you the lessons, truths, habits and daily practices I learned while on the journey to living my own ‘life imagined.’

I hope these blog posts will do a few things. I hope they will give you moments of quiet in the midst of busy days. I hope they will make you smile wistfully because they evoke a memory from your own life or childhood and lastly, I ambitiously hope they will encourage you to live a bit more intentionally, with a bit more awareness than you lived yesterday and with the BOLD audacity that comes from knowing your life TRULY can be whatever you choose for it to be!

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